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Here is the help article on resource management: When will you be fixing this, what I would consider, "bug".

To create an analogy, this is like a calculator that allows you to enter 1 1, but has no = sign ... Not allowing some level of automated resource management defeats some of the purpose of using a project management tool as opposed to a task list.

I would like to concur with Jack L - while the allocation column serves its (one and only?

) purpose in identifying overbooking, it is a 'bug' in my project management book.

I wouldn't mind an option of including the allocation in the duration calculation, so those who plan their resources differently have the flexiblity to choose.

But in our opinion, if a task takes 16 hours and they are only 50% allocated, that's a 4 day duration.

If I person if 50% allocated to a 2 day task then you can also allocate that person to other tasks during the same time frame.

If the total allocation exceeds 100% then you will see resource allocation alert.

I agree that having the effort ifor each task is useful so I calculte that on all of my schedules.

New Smartsheet user and I see the independence of %Allocation and Duration as the biggest issue (when using resource management).

If you are not using resource management, then the Duration column is just fine, but if you are using it, then you want to enter the actual work time required for a task and the %Allocation.

I agree with the previous posters - I would expect duration to be calculated based on percent availability.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to have a column for estimated effort in person-days, and then have duration calculated from that and % available. Is there any kind of workaround to allow duration to be calculated, instead of just a difference between dates?

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