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Just yesterday, we observed how another girl known on Facebook as Cuttie Brooklyn stripped nakked in a Facebook group called Snap Chicks. if you are a member of the many naughty groups on Facebook, where these girls take advantage of the pervert nature of most humans, you must have watched her live videos in the said Facebook group.‘.We hear she charges Ghc150 a month for one to be part of her premium subscribers for all access pass—Yeah, all access pass, would let you see all you want to see, let her to do all that you want her to do and perhaps if you have good bargaining skills, you could score a point to win you the ticket to her errrrrmmm…..Books by writers of African descent are pretty scarce here in Accra – several titles are either not sold in bookstores or they are super expensive so the average Ghanaian can’t afford them.Readers living abroad can get easy access to all of the works mentioned in this series, thanks to various online bookstores and several well stocked bookstores with African/Black fiction.

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To be honest, in 2015 if you joke with this two acts trust me ‘Omo begye wo girl’. The song which was released in the last quarter of 2014 single-handedly out shined all the songs which were enjoying massive airplay in Ghana.

if anyone claims they don’t know (m)any writers from Ghana!

I’d love to know who I missed (there are many more writers out there! And be sure to share this loaded resource with others, so they can indulge in Ghanaian literature as well.

Imagine an average girl has 100 ‘Perverts’ who are paying Ghc50 a month to her, that’s some Ghc5,000 a month.

If she charges Ghc100 and has 100 clients, that’s Ghc10,000 a month right there.

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