Dating a girl with diabetes

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I’m pretty sure they will be respectful of you and do their business away from you or they’ll warn you before they do so you don’t have to witness.

But, please, please know how hurtful it can be when someone does this: I was at work a while back when I went to eat lunch with a bunch of friends/co-workers.

Just because we’re “developed” doesn’t mean we’re doing all the right things.

The way my body looks drives me bonkers since giving birth to twins but, ahh isn’t it nice how my belly stretched to absurd greats just to accommodate two new lives-kind of magical no?

I wrote about this because I had just gotten married a year before and the experience of dating culminating in a lifelong commitment inspired me to reach out to others in their dating era. I feel like I’ve arrived at a pretty decent place (wasn’t always this way). It highly influences my diabetes management and my control of that pesky depression issue…

One of the top search prompts that leads people over to this blog has to do with dating and diabetes and you’d be surprised how many guys pop over here trying to figure out if they should date a girl with diabetes or if they themselves having diabetes, should tell their prospective dates that they have it. Maybe you’ve already noticed but, I’ve got a bit of a “loner” personality.

Non-diabetics out there, if this is you, there is something I plead with you NOT to do. No need to start hollering about how you get goose bumps or all tingly when you see us do our “freaky” and oh so necessary things.

Don’t cringe when you see your diabetic friend or family member prick their finger or give an injection. If you have a serious phobia towards blood and needles, tell your diabetic friend in private.

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