Dating coke button signs

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We have never seen any of these listed even in Petretti's Coca-Cola bible or any where else. There are hooks near top of neck where chains hooked up to one another.

OZ'S."These bottles have factory holes that are threaded for mounting.

Measures 30" in length X 22" in width X 34" in height. Scarce green version of the porcelain silhouette girl. There is a 1" long chip down beside the bottom grommet and a tiny chip on the bottom edge right in the center.

A beautiful excellent condition example of this very scarce Coca Cola thermometer.

In the early 1950's there was a large migration of Spanish and Mexican people in the Toronto/southern Ontario region of Canada. Someone has put small nail holes through the top center and bottom center to mount it to this plastic backing.

Chips on right hand side and two more on rolled edge one top, one bottom.

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