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Evidence has already been taken from a number of licensed personnel, including float driver Greg Nelligan, and several trainers based at Caulfield and on the Mornington Peninsula.

With the probe still at an early stage, and charges potentially some months away, Bailey has come under heavy fire from within the industry.

“Now, I would like to see the (RV) board come out, like the Peter Armytages of the past, and support the stewards and say ‘we’re going to make sure this racing is absolutely at the highest level’.

When the ‘goat riders’ release their racing policy later today, LETSGOHORSERACING will attempt to get some answers from the LNP to contentious questions that stakeholders and the taxpayers of Queensland want to know but you can count on the mainstream racing media not wanting to ask.

Mr Brown is leaving because he hasn’t had the support.” Williams says Martin Pakula, the Minister for Racing, was “the only person I’ve seen coming out and supporting integrity.” “I think Martin Pakula has done a wonderful job and he understands the importance of integrity,” Williams said.

“He’s the only person I’ve seen coming out and supporting integrity.

Here’s the ‘Butterfly’s’ story, published today, courtesy of itsnotnormalisit (log into the website, it’s a great read): It will be gone by lunchtime on the day of the Minister’s swearing in, and the State of Queensland will pay millions, maybe even tens of millions, to meet contractual obligations and ensure that their in the blink of an eye lid former employees receive their full redundancy entitlements.

QRIC – the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission – abandons its quest to clean up the three codes and instead turns itself into an arm of the RSPCA, with a sole focus on animal welfare issues in an industry where they aren’t really all that many.

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