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This somewhat conflicted ethical stance is nicely summed up at the beginning of a You Tube video compilation of hacked security cameras, in which the video's creator bemoans the decreasing number of video feeds available as security is tightened and owners wise up."I started uploading these videos to make people aware of the security problems with inappropriately configured camera systems," he states, "but it's also sad to see a great source of LULZ coming to an end."We'd evidently be foolish to ascribe much noble purpose to that person – or, indeed, to anyone who uses online tools to find and tamper with other unsecured stuff connected to the internet, from traffic lights to security control systems for banks.

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But just when you thought you were incapable of further awareness, look!

A website featuring live feeds from security cameras, many of them positioned inside people's homes, facilitated (somewhat ironically) by lax security on the part of the camera manufacturers and the people using them.

Back in 2010 the website Please Rob Me made people think more carefully about publicly announcing their location on Twitter when out and about, as it also announced to the world that their home was unoccupied.

Weaknesses in USB security were highlighted at a Las Vegas conference this summer, but a far bigger noise was made last month when someone publicly released the code used to exploit it, forcing manufacturers to take action.

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