Mamadating ru

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It is the females which produce the bud, which is what cannabis users smoke.Depending on the country you live in, you can actually order feminized Skunk #1 strain cannabis seeds from Royal Queen Seeds, which is a popular seed bank specializing in specific strains of cannabis.

Being that the Skunk #1 strain is mostly a Sativa, you will find it has more of a euphoric and energetic high, compared to something that is higher in the Indica strains, which tend to promote more of a sleepy feeling.

So, there is no need to waste time growing plants only to find out that they are males when it comes time to flower.

A single male in the room can cause your females to produce a lot of seeds, instead of focussing their energy on the bud, or flowering.

And any artist, can tell you that smoking cannabis, especially Skunk #1, has a profound positive impact on ones creativity.

So, when it comes to smoking or growing, the majority who are experienced to know, prefer to go with Skunk #1.

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