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, which ran from 2000 to 2007, was suddenly canceled by The CW after season 7, leaving many questions up in the air.

But even so, Czuchry is grateful for the time he did work with the cast — and writers.

Rory and Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) had so much dialogue each episode, that scripts were much longer than the average TV series.

"The writers did want the material word-perfect," Czuchry explained to one fan.

Besides the love interest in the series, both Matt and Archie didn't reveal their affair offscreen.

On an interview with inquisitr, Matt precisely spoke about his working experience with his co-star Archie when she was about to depart from the show. The stuff that you’ve got to see already and what’s upcoming as well, so that material is exciting.

He added: "Even at the wrap party, there were talks that the show was gonna come back, and that I would have come back to have been a part of that.

But nothing was ever set in stone." Indeed, but that wasn't the worst of it.

Though Matt didn't release any clarifying statement, the producer of the series "The Good Wife," Robert King cleared the air when he explained the rumored sexuality of Matt(Carry) to be an apparent misunderstanding.

He stated: “We liked how Cary was out of step in trying to get in touch with the newest generation coming into the law firm.

He wanted to belong, and he wanted them to feel like they belonged.

But instead of sulking and grabbing pizza, Chinese food, and then some coffee (a la the Gilmore girls themselves), Czuchry admits he actually liked how Rory turned him down.

"I feel that the show is about two strong independent women, and that refusal captures the heart of the show. I just think it was the right decision for Rory regardless of who her boyfriend was," Czuchry, 37, said in the Q&A.

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