Migrating and consolidating file servers with enterprise vault

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The good news is, Nuix Intelligent Migration can move your email data within weeks.

Nuix Intelligent Migration is the fastest, most powerful and most cost-effective email archive migration software solution on the market for migrating email from archives and other common platforms.

Analyze and categorize messages before migration and only migrate what you need.

Our email migration software preserves the folder structure of the source data so end-users can easily find their archived email messages.

Microsoft® Personal Storage Tables (PST) files pose a risk and a significant challenge in meeting these needs.

Some email and archive systems only maintain a “journal” of email which only retains a single copy of each message even if it’s sent to multiple recipients.

However, Office 365 only accepts email in the form of a complete mailbox for each user.

We can convert journal archives to mailbox archives, or email databases from one format to another (such as Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange), in a single step.

Nuix’s methodology makes your legacy email searchable at the start of the migration, not the end.

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