Oxford guide to dating posh

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And, while just seven per cent of the general population went to a private school, 17 per cent of those working at the corporation did so.In an effort to make the UK's public broadcaster better reflect the public it serves, James Purnell, the BBC’s director of radio and education and a former Labour Culture Secretary, revealed it was considering introducing targets for the class of its staff.

If you fall behind, or go wildly off-piste, you are told about it quickly. Some of the brightest were also the most miserable. At least a few students would have been happier elsewhere.

This Monday, parents and pupils around the country will start crossing fingers, collecting rabbits’ feet and drawing hexes on the floor as the final applications are filed.

But our education system fetishises Oxbridge to a blinding extent.

Candidates only think about whether they are clever enough to get in.

They rarely stop to consider whether the universities are right for them in other ways. And despite the stereotypes, this isn't because the universities are posh – they're not.

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