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Yet the one luxury we didn't include is that of time. • Hie Cid Hy ol Cnusc Shipi BROWN 'I The Underwater Seminar Wliy the Tropics Matter *#? During a typical week jammed with fund-raising trips, fac- ulty meetings, and student petitions, he enjoys getting of T-campus for a beer with his friends from plant operations. I believe the University should stay completely out of cases involving crimes or alleged crimes. Dean says that "according to Senior Associate Dean of Student Life Thomas Bechtel, the Uni- versity did not have procedures in place [in the 1970s and 1980s] to properly adju- dicate" cases dealing with sexual miscon- duct.We suggest that you act with dispatch because quantities are limited. :;^ BROWJ^I Al UHNl HOf* Tt: H l' i- [ ^ r,iii: Old Believers in a New World ASSOni T VCDKA, Pa ODOCT Of SWEDEN 40 4ND 50'= ALC/VOL ISO AND 100 PSOOf K 100% GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS. PHOTOGRAPH BY STEVE BRONS BROWN ALUMNI MONTHLY Under the Elms 14 Coinmencenienc #229: Gregorian "s valedictory. "I don't think any president before him has gone out with the blue shirts," says steamfltter Lenny Arzoomanian (see "Mission Accom- phshed," page 26). Judging from the Adam Lack case and another case dealing with alleged sexual misconduct this year, the Univer- sity is still a long way from having such procedures. ^^ ©1 995 Imported by The Glenlivet Distilling Crt; fl. Lexus and Coach, have come together to create a motor vehicle that stands apart even in the elite circle of li Lxury automobiles. Gregorian has compiled an im- pressive portfo Ho, and you will find his accomplishments chronicled in these pages. R 1.02912; (401) 863-2873; FAX (401) 863-9S99; e-mai] BAM @brownvrn. Web page: wwwbrown.edu, /Administration/ Brown_Atuinni_Month Iy/ Address correction requested PRINTED IN THE U. I was sorry, however, that the article did not give greater con- sideration to what I beheve is a critical issue - whether any University body should be mvolved with serious crimes. ^ ^ Those who appreciate quality enjoy it responsibly. Two of the most venerable symbols of luxury and sophistication. College presidents are judged tore- most on their academic and fiscal achieve- ments. 4 ♦ JULY 1997 Carrying the Mail Sexual Assault and the UDC Having followed the infamous discipli- nary cases adjudicated by the UDC, I welcomed Shea Dean's feature, "Taking the Stand" (April).For more details, see your nearest Lexus dealer, f ^^J L ± The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection ©l997l^xi Ls. ABSOLL " CALUGRAPHV AND ASSOIUWOPKACOW ARE TRADEMARKS OWNED BY VSS VIN i SPRIT AB, ©1997 V&S VIN S SPRIT AB IMPC ' THOSE WHO APPRECIATE OUAUTY ENJOY IT RESP'. "It's usually hard to talk to a president, but with him it's easy." Yes, It IS. Send changes of address to Alumni Records, I'O, Box 1908. If a student goes to a Univer- sity official with a criminal complaint, the official should immediately hand the matter over to the police. Vartan Gregorian." At the time I did not yet count myself among the legions of friends whose addresses fill numerous card files in Gre- gorian's office.The exterior features exclusive alloy wheels, champagne-pearl badging and a choice of selected colors. Specifications based on information at time of printing and subject to change without notice. Many times during the past eight years as I waited in the reception area outside the president's University Hall office, I would observe his staff carrying out personal errands: ordering flowers for the ailing wife of a trustee, arranging for Gregorian to visit a student in the hospital, typing a letter of recommendation to graduate school for an employee's child. For this the offending student is sen- tenced to restitution and probation.

One Friday evening last October, my husband and I drove down Prospect Street on our way to the rehearsal dinner for my stepdaughter, Leslie '93, and her fiance, Jon Lowenstein. The article ends with a statement that all of this is part of education.

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