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It can also entertain chatters who may be waiting for their conversation partner to respond too! Chat Robot can pull up some intriguing Wikipedia entries on topics of general interest.

It will present summaries for keywords or phrases in public or private chat for your information, and will helpfully include a link to further reading. If an article does not exist in your language on Wikipedia, it will still try to return the most relevant English entry.

The chat bot can then be moved into a custom user group with special permissions to suit your needs.

This capability enables you to change the bot's profile information, avatar picture and icon.

The bot can be configured with an RSS feed of your choosing for regular chat updates.

72a0" data-image=" S_z IHDH4X1zywhn QJl3p Iq LT4=/" data-micro="1"The creators of the chatbot, a London creative agency called Catch, says they created it because there was a "huge" potential audience on Facebook messenger.

“With 1.2 billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger, the potential audience for chatbots is huge," Catch's founder Jonathan Smith told tech2.

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