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Finally, critics say someone might steal bandwidth from me.

Despite isolated court rulings that this is illegal, my feeling is that they're welcome to it.

And yes, if someone did commit a crime using my network the police might visit, but what better defense is there than the fact that I have an open wireless network?

If I enabled wireless security on my network and someone hacked it, I would have a far harder time proving my innocence.

You might have your computer equipment seized, and if you have any contraband of your own on your machine, it could be a delicate situation.

Also, prosecutors aren't always the most technically savvy bunch, and you might end up being charged despite your innocence.

The lawyers I spoke with say most defense attorneys will advise you to reach a plea agreement rather than risk going to trial on child-pornography charges.

You can configure your open network in either "Bill" or "Linus" mode: In the former, people pay you to use your network, and you have to pay to use any other Fon wireless network. I know people who rarely lock their front door, who drive in the rain (and, while using a cell phone) and who talk to strangers.

In Linus mode, anyone can use your network, and you can use any other Fon wireless network for free. In my opinion, securing my wireless network isn't worth it. In the beginning, comments agreeing with me and disagreeing with me were about tied.

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