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Only DOT maintenance vehicles and emergency vehicles are allowed in the medians. Yes, except for "high density" areas of the state such as King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties which have signs posted at on-ramps to indicate if bicycles are prohibited. back to top Beginning July 1, 2001, vehicles brought into Washington from another state or country go through a stolen-vehicle screening process within the Department of Licensing before a Washington State title is issued.1) Rubber tired municipal transit vehicles conforming to RCW ; 2) Buses with a capacity of sixteen or more, including operator; 3) Motorcycles conforming to RCW ; 4) Recreational vehicles with the number of occupants specified on signs; 5) Other vehicles with the number of occupants specified on signs (See RCW and ). The new law eliminates the physical VIN inspection of an out-of-state vehicle by the Washington State Patrol.If your vehicle was impounded on a state or interstate route, call the local State Patrol office.Once you have located your vehicle, you may contact the tow company directly.

For information or questions relating to obtaining a drivers license, vehicle license, commercial driver’s license, or motorcycle endorsements, please visit Getting a License, or call DOL at (360) 902-3900 for driver’s license information, or (360) 902-3770 for vehicle license information.

For more information, see the Department of Ecology Web site.

Call your local city or county law enforcement agency to determine which tow company has your vehicle.

Vehicles may also be impounded if it is suspected to be stolen or potentially be targeted for theft if left along the roadway.

If no one is injured and the vehicles can be driven, moving to a safer location will help facilitate the flow of traffic and provide you with a safer environment.

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