Updating an old computer

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haha :) Although, you may see it painted in the next few months.....thats how I roll :) Anyway. As you can see from the dust, I obviously did not use this desk..ever.

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I found that out just trying to replace a fan in my old one last month...wound up having to buy a new(old) PC.Like every other month, you just work two days and got five days off. I mean, I guess I can just not work at all, but that's what keeps me sane, and what keeps my insane ideas a reality :) Here's a not so insane idea, but its an idea.A super easy one at that, something that anyone can do to update a desk or a table.:) Does dark and dusty and small jive with any one's creative spirit? For a cheep and super quick upgrade to a little more stylish and slightly bigger table, I turned to some 2x4s. If you install Windows Vista on a computer which has Windows XP installed or if you perform a custom installation of Windows Vista instead of an upgrade installation, you will see a folder on your system drive.

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