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Untuk kalian yang mengalamai hal seperti ini, lakukan langkah-langkah berikut. Right click on the network icon, select properties, then the tab for Authentication. If you have an antivirus with firewall, make sure to also deactivate windows firewall. But wireless, you have to get connected before you could get into the router. I never noticed the MAC address check boxes at the bottom of the page until you mentioned it. FYI- her router (Netgear) login was "". I did what you said, and change the address to the computer address. How can it be that easy to break the arbitrary numbers and letters?

You can login ) and go to Wireless-Wireless Settings page to check it.

I usually don't go to these settings as it will usually connect as long as you have the right E. I have made sure that "Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication" box unchecked in the Authentication TAB? I think there must be an issue with the router's encryption (WPA) and the USB adapter being able to connect to this encryption.

Kemarin, ketika menginstal perangkat baru Wireless Router merek Belkin di kantor terjadi beberapa masalah.

I am not sure what to do next as there seems to be something in the computer that is not set up correctly. Then it asks for my Network authetication and the options are Open, shared, or WPA. I went ahead and used no encryption for my router and then the D Link USB adapter was able to connect.

Then it asks for encryption Key and the options are WEP or disabled. I have never seen this before on any of my computers. I am yet to try WEP Encryption with my router to see if that works.

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