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The next month, The Villain’s Theatre‘s all-female cast sinks their teeth into The Spanish Tragedy, a revenge play that inspired Hamlet, directed and adapted by Dan Bray, running November 15-20.

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Is it really only six years ago that Cumberbatch was propping up the cast lists of the likes of Starter for 10 (with James Mc Avoy) and Atonement (Mc Avoy again, and Keira Knightley)?It’s just horrible.”Cumberbatch has been acting since he was a ten-year-old playing female roles in school plays. I was probably playing Anne in Half a Sixpence at school at that time so the idea of being in a Star Trek film was very far from Anne’s mind.What would that ten-year-old think about his success? I think I think he would have been really, really surprised and wouldn’t have quite believed it.He still doesn’t.”Star Trek Into Darkness (12A) is on saturation release.Benedict – a rising star Benedict Cumberbatch was born on 19 July 1976 in London.

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